Thursday, July 7, 2011

Student Loans...Bigger Shovel Please?

So like most college grads, I left college with much more then I bargained for. Not only do I have three degrees to my name, but also the price tag attached. Of course I knew that the day would come when I would have to man up and start paying the massive $80,000 debt that I had accrued through my 8 years of school. I was assured that the interest rates on educational loans were low so "don't worry, it will be well worth the money". They forgot to tell me that my loan would nearly double with the accrued interest over the 30 year consolidation loan that I was able to get through the government.

Now here I sit wondering was it worth it? I wish the answer was an easy YES but, as I have learned nothing is easy. Now I am left feeling like I am in a hole that I can't dig myself out of much like the rest of America. The only difference is there is no help for those that have jobs and pay their bills on time. We have to suck it up. 

If only the government could get their heads out of their asses and maybe give a grace period of 5 years before interest starts accruing then we could pay down the principle a bit and have some money to spend, thus stimulating this crappy economy. Pipe dreams, they are the only kind I have. With that being said I will hold up my head and hope for a bigger shovel, preferably pink. 

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