Thursday, July 14, 2011


UGH It seems like I can't eat anything anymore. The more I read these food studies and see what doctors are claiming to be's enough to make me scream. I get so frustrated when most of the foods that are in our faces every day are toxic. Is there no regulations for the ingredients in food? We are eating poison on a regular basis. So I figure that I would try to get around this by eating more fruits and veggies...well DAMN IT ALL I am probably eating enough pesticides to kill a small rodent. And sugar??? Oh that stuff is horrible let me eat SPLENDA...aka sucrulose. Oh that is 10 X worse than actual sugar. Its just chemicals, and it is in almost everything that is "sugar free"....yeah I can't win. 

So in my obsession to eat healthy, I am becoming more aware of what I am eating and realizing that 90% of the food out there is not even edible. I mean you can eat it but look around. The food has to be the reason that so many people are obese. What is a girl to do??? When I shop I refuse to buy anything with hydrogenated oils, which is essentially trans fats. Even foods that boast 0 grams trans fats may actually contain trans fats as long as the per serving value is under .5 grams. Now I am looking at sugar and salt content. That was a bad idea! Everything has sugar, even ketchup! Salt...damn how am I not dead? Salt is added to everything as well. Once you actually start paying attention to the labels to things other then calories and fat, you open up a whole new world of WTF!!! 

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