Thursday, July 14, 2011


UGH It seems like I can't eat anything anymore. The more I read these food studies and see what doctors are claiming to be's enough to make me scream. I get so frustrated when most of the foods that are in our faces every day are toxic. Is there no regulations for the ingredients in food? We are eating poison on a regular basis. So I figure that I would try to get around this by eating more fruits and veggies...well DAMN IT ALL I am probably eating enough pesticides to kill a small rodent. And sugar??? Oh that stuff is horrible let me eat SPLENDA...aka sucrulose. Oh that is 10 X worse than actual sugar. Its just chemicals, and it is in almost everything that is "sugar free"....yeah I can't win. 

So in my obsession to eat healthy, I am becoming more aware of what I am eating and realizing that 90% of the food out there is not even edible. I mean you can eat it but look around. The food has to be the reason that so many people are obese. What is a girl to do??? When I shop I refuse to buy anything with hydrogenated oils, which is essentially trans fats. Even foods that boast 0 grams trans fats may actually contain trans fats as long as the per serving value is under .5 grams. Now I am looking at sugar and salt content. That was a bad idea! Everything has sugar, even ketchup! Salt...damn how am I not dead? Salt is added to everything as well. Once you actually start paying attention to the labels to things other then calories and fat, you open up a whole new world of WTF!!! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Balancing the American Budget

I know it sounds like a fairy tale these days. Our government just keeps spending and spending with no regard of the consequences. The result of the waste and corruption is now staring us in the face. What kind of example does this spending send to America? I thought that we were supposed to spend within our means. If I want something then I know that I have to save up for it or I can't have it. SIMPLE LOGIC. Let me say it again...If you want something or need something and don't have the money you either A don’t get the item or B you save up. There really are only two logical choices.  You don't just keep charging more and more debt. Now the government wants to dip into Social Security?? How about we forcibly remove all these useless members of congress that have been serving 10+ years, and start over? Obviously they have done nothing beneficial because look at where America is right now. You would think that after all these years "serving" the country they would have gotten it right. How about we raise the taxes on the richest of our country, since they aren't hurting for money and living paycheck to paycheck like just about everyone I know. OH I know why that hasn't passed...because half of the members of the house and senate are MILLIONAIRES! Why would they vote to raise their taxes, that would just be silly. Instead let’s take away from the Social Security so that people that slave away their lives don't get the chance to retire. Most of us don't have pensions like the folks in congress to fall back on. OH another bright idea lets cut spending for education too. That makes a lot of sense, lets just keep dumbing down America and before you know it the people will stop questioning things all together.

Here are some ideas of ways that we could get this country out of debt...
  1. There are over 2 million people in prison. We should let people who are non-violent offenders work their sentences off, instead of caging them like animals. With all this free labor we can start maybe making things in America to sell to other countries... and the labor would be free because prisoners are doing it. Let them work a predetermined amount of hours and then they can go home to their families, keep their jobs, and not be caged like animals. Violent offenders, we can make them work too but they would have to remain in prison, as they are a threat to society. We can turn prison into a sweat shop and then the little kiddies in china that make most of our things can have a break
  2. Certain things should not be for profit like healthcare and education. If these two things were not for profit the cost of healthcare and education would be much lower. This would benefit us average Americans who are in debt because we wanted to go to school to become valuable members of society. Also our medication would actually be affordable and people would never have to make the decision of whether to get their medication or their groceries.
  3. Legalize Marijuana...That would free up a lot of resources, and prison cells. People could grow and sell; the government would make money off of this. This one is a no brainier. 
  4. Make lobbying illegal. Most of the members of congress have no interest in what we want; they only care about the lobbyists that are padding their pockets. 
  5. Set term limits for members of congress. The president has one so should everyone else. Longer terms don't benefit Americans.
  6. Only allow congress to spend what they have, if they need more money then they need to fund it.

I'm sure I could sit here all day and think of ways that this country could get out of debt. It isn't my job personally to do this but our elected officials in Congress and the White House. They are doing a real bang up job!

PS. I found this article. The 400 richest Americans have more money then all the people in the bottom 50% of America combined

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Student Loans...Bigger Shovel Please?

So like most college grads, I left college with much more then I bargained for. Not only do I have three degrees to my name, but also the price tag attached. Of course I knew that the day would come when I would have to man up and start paying the massive $80,000 debt that I had accrued through my 8 years of school. I was assured that the interest rates on educational loans were low so "don't worry, it will be well worth the money". They forgot to tell me that my loan would nearly double with the accrued interest over the 30 year consolidation loan that I was able to get through the government.

Now here I sit wondering was it worth it? I wish the answer was an easy YES but, as I have learned nothing is easy. Now I am left feeling like I am in a hole that I can't dig myself out of much like the rest of America. The only difference is there is no help for those that have jobs and pay their bills on time. We have to suck it up. 

If only the government could get their heads out of their asses and maybe give a grace period of 5 years before interest starts accruing then we could pay down the principle a bit and have some money to spend, thus stimulating this crappy economy. Pipe dreams, they are the only kind I have. With that being said I will hold up my head and hope for a bigger shovel, preferably pink.